Our Goals

CAIPA aims are to bring together experts and authors of the methodologies, motion programs for parents of infants, toddlers and preschoolers from the Czech and Slovak Republic and the Czech minority organizations abroad. Further, the aims are to promote the quality of the organization and activities of the organizers of physical activities for parents with the youngest children, who want to offer not only comfortable, but also the high quality services. For aspiring entrepreneurs, mentors, or only for those who are now considering whether to start a business or just use the services sector, the representatives of various physical activities associated in the CAIPA provide all the well chosen information from the very beginning and continuity of education through processing trade to the first independent courses.

The main goal for ČAIPA is to follow Eva´s koncept and maximally support level and quality of servises aimed at physical activities for parents with infants, toddlers and preschoolers, and not only in Czech Republic and Slovakia but in the Czech organizations based abroad, too. The aim is that parents and professionals can confidently rely on the recommended activities in the various centers that are marked by the prestigious quality mark CAIPA, such activities take place only in accordance with the principles of hygiene and safety measures, but also with principles, policies and quality of formal methodology according to the rights, needs and maturity of the child psychomotor development, copyright law, legislation and good manners.

Such objectives, however, are related to support the regular education of instructors according to the official methods of the individual authors of physical activities that have expert reviews related to the professional sectors concerning the quality of a child development, such as child psychology, pediatric neurology, otorhinolaryngology, speech therapy, physiotherapy, orthopediatrics, pediatrics and hygiene.

For this reason, CAIPA established the expert committee assembling a team of experienced specialists from various sectors from the Czech and Slovak Republic. The Commission closely guards the level and the quality of methodologies for various physical activities so that they actually support the healthy development of the child, parents and the whole family. The authors of the various methods of physical measurements and the changes proposed for the benefit and improvement of the methodology quality and later in accordance with their recommendations, to obtain appropriate professional review and guarantee by all the experts involved in some way the activities with children. These organizations will then be published on the CAIPA website for each methodology of each activity separately.

For each activity with the youngest children are the common basic knowledge of the daily routine, care, communication and manipulation of the child in accordance with his needs and psychomotor maturity at a given age. Without this knowledge is very often the case that well-mentioned and good-looking activities for parents and child can entertain and satisfy, but the result may harm the child and parents. Good information is very important, as well as knowledge and skills which are thankfully very clear, natural and interesting. Due to attract and enrich not only the instructors of various activities but also parents, who need knowledge and skills given in an appropriate way.

CAIPA aim, therefore, is to pass the parents the best information and experience and teach them the right skills to promote the quality child development and the satisfaction of parents and families, as Eva has in her creed.


  • Eva Kiedroňová Czech Republic
    Friday5.30 p.m.
    A sample swimming lessons for parents with children of 3-6 months and 6-12 months of the age Lecture Learn more >>
  • Barbara Kiedroń Czech Republic
    Friday3.00 p.m
    Swimming with babies and toddlers in the Czech Republic from its history to the present. Lecture Learn more >>
  • E. Santos Veloso, MSc.Portugal
    Saturday9.00 a.m.
    Baby breath control development Learn more >>
  • Carlos Santos, MSc.Portugal
    Saturday9.00 a.m.
    Babyswimming instructor's training Learn more >>
  • S. Rossi Madormo Brazil
    Saturday9.00 a.m.
    The meaning and practicing breaths into the water and diving of children Lecture Learn more >>
  • Raffaele Madormo Brazil
    Saturday9.00 a.m.
    The meaning and practicing breaths into the water and diving of children Lecture Learn more >>
  • Dorica Šajber, Ph.D. Slovenia
    Sunday11.30 a.m.
    Exercises in Water for Infants and Toddlers in Slovenia according to Freds Swim Academy (FSA) Program. Learn more >>
  • D. Maier-Fiebinger Austria
    Saturday11.00 a.m.
    Method of the usage of swimming aids SWIMTRAINER „Classic“ Learn more >>
  • Hugo Lavalle Italy
    Saturday2.00 p.m.
    Working methods with children in Italian school in their early childhood, including work with handicapped children. Learn more >>
  • Mag.a Marion Falzeder Austria
    Saturday11.30 a.m.
    Meaning of the diving children till the age of 3, since when, how gradually and which way do you use to teach your children to dive. Learn more >>
  • Monika Zemanová Slovakia
    Participation in the guided discussion Learn more >>
  • Sharron Crowley Canada
    Sunday9.00 a.m.
    The most commonly used tools Learn more >>
  • Terje Stakset Norway
    Saturday12.00 a.m.
    What makes an instructor a really great instructor? Learn more >>
  • Tytti Soini Finland
    Saturday4.30 p.m.
    The most commonly used tools Learn more >>
  • Beatriz Esesarte Mexico
    Saturday3.00 p.m.
    The role of an instructor and parents of infants and toddlers swimming teaching Learn more >>
  • Shawn Tomlinson England
    Friday5.00 p.m.
    Findings from the swimming of parents with their children Learn more >>
  • Judy Watts Australia
    Saturday2.30 p.m.
    Swimming with children from 3 months to 6 months of their age in Australia Learn more >>
  • Basia Szpak-Borst Netherlands
    Friday6.00 p.m.
    Water beginnings Learn more >>
  • Zsuzsanna Perjési Grózingerné Hungary
    Friday5.30 p.m.
    The most common tools, how to use them and how to work with them. Zjistit více >>


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