D. Maier - Fiebinger Austria

4.10.2014, 11.00 a.m. - 11.30 a.m.

Method of the usage of swimming aids SWIMTRAINER „Classic“

for learning the swimming style "breast" to children from the very beginning of their development.

Goal of lecture

  • With FREDS SWIM ACADEMY’s swimming aid SWIMTRAINER“ Classic“ we can give children a safe and childlike support on their way of learning breaststroke successfully in an easy and playfull way, from the early beginning of water development gradually to the aim of beeining a persistent swimmer.

Content of lecture

  • Presenting learning method of FREDS SWIM ACADEMY with the three step learning system around SWIMTRAINER“ Classic“ red/orange/yellow.


Company and working position

FREDS SWIM ACADEMY Austria - Leader, trainer and swimming instructor for baby and toddler swimming, swimming courses for beginners and advanced, adults, disabled, education in seminars

Brief curriculum – professional life

Since 1993 swimming instructor method FREDS SWIM ACADEMY, swimming instructor in several „Kinderhotels“. Established program of FREDS SWIM ACADEMY in Kinderhotels Europa and from Carinthia in Austria, since 1996 leading seminars in Kinderhotels.

International seminars in Egypt, Italia, Croatia, Germany... plan more

Diplom Dolphintherapist of Institute Dolphinswim/Alphatherapie, swimming with disabled children. Swimming club „Wasserfrosch“ – Training for Special Olympics competitions and competitions for ÖBSV. Close work with physiotherapists and ergotherapists.

Studies in company with University Ljubljana.

Results of work

Seminars since about 18 years.

Participation on studies about swimming methods, thermoregulation/babyswimming, and book about swimming of Dr. Dorica Šajber, University Ljubljana.

Several articles in newspapers about sence of babyswimming and SWIMTRAINER „Classic“, foundation of „Wasserfrosch“ swimming club, FREDS SWIM ACADEMY International Schwimschool Association (actual planning stadium).

Interests and hobbies

Water is her life. She loves work with children, especially with children with special needs.

Motherhood, painting and cooking