Terje Stakset Norway

4.10.2014, 12.00 a.m. - 12.30 a.m.

What makes an instructor a really great instructor?

Goal of lecture:

As a instructur or parent you have to go slow. The key word is gentle. The instructur is responsible for what is going on in the pool. The baby dicide the speed . The grown ups have to learn to move forward like a turtle. We must respect babies and todlers. We must learn and use their language. The communication is so important.

Content of lecture

Teaching in the water, not under water. Communicate in the water, not under the water.

Communicate with the water. Be aware of your own body language. The most important principle for every conversation is interaction, and expressing your genuine feelings, and not what is expected from you. It is easy to communicate with some of the parents, but some are almost non-verbal and the communication is going slow. Perhaps they dislike being in water and we have a challenge to get them to feel comfortable. Eye contact improves communication. When talking with very young children, it may be necessary to stoop down to their level.


The Business Academy of Oslo.

Další vzdělání

Company and working position

Norwegian Lifesaving association Oslo - Manager

Brief curriculum – professional life

He has been an instructor in swimming and life saving for 30 years and a teacher of baby swimming for 25 years.

He trains instructors in swimming, baby swimming, lifesaving, CPR and first aid.

For 7 years he were the vice-president of the Norwegian Lifesaving Association.

Results of work

He has made 3 films about baby and toddler swimming. The first one called “The Truthful Face of Baby Swimming” The second one “How to Teach Young Children to Swim” The third little film was “ Baby Swimming from The Baby’s Point of View”.

He has written a book about baby and toddler swimming “Swim with Love“.

The book has also been translated into English.

In 2006 he was honored with the Virginia Hunt Newman international Award in Swimming Hall of Fame.

Interests and hobbies

He loves to cook.

He likes to try new things. That is his great hobby.

He likes to travel and he likes the sun very much.

He likes to work out and appreciate a good film.