The Reason For The Establishment of CAIPA

Eva Kiedroňová spent all of her life working with infants and toddlers, evolving methods of childcare. She cooperates with professionals and puts great deal of energy into the spreading idea of proper manipulation with toddlers and childcare for wide public. Eva Kiedroňová supports all people and organizations that provide programs for parents with youngest children and try to offer quality and professional services.

The reason for the establishment of the Czech Association of Instructors of Psychomotor Activities For Infants, Toddlers And Pre-school Children (CAIPA) was the fact that every year has significantly increased interest in the activities of the youngest children that parents seek to promote the health and quality of their child´s development since the birth.

This is why in recent years organizations that offer such programs were so successful. These include the courses of child care, training in handling of child including bathing of newborns and infants, exercising with children since the 2nd month of age, infants and toddlers massage, sing language, music lessons with rhythmic and melodic exercises, hardening, training parents with strollers in nature, swimming for infants, toddlers and preschoolers, children sauna, yoga, music and movement and dance activities for parents with the youngest children, games to support psychomotor development of children and more. 

On the one hand, we should respect each organizer who is willing to devote to such small children and it is important to encourage every enthusiast who has the desire to pursue full responsibility of psychomotoric activities for parents and children as soon as possible after birth, and thus assist parents in making the right foundation for healthy child development. On the other hand, it cannot be overlooked that these activities are often developed very spontaneously, in poor conditions, often without the necessary quality vocational education and sufficient experience.

The resulting impact of certain activities on health and psychomotor development of some children and numerous presentations and opinions on online social networks show a very grim fact that the quality of teaching and the proffesional level of activities dangerously decreases. The cause is usually the method and form of tuition by the knock-on effect and transfer of experience to new instructors from students and beginners to more and more in a inadequate and unprofessional manner. Well the original setting of methodology and organizations are gradually becoming more and more distorted and poorly precise imitated. Unsuspecting parents are not usually are not able to fully recognize if they invest in good faith their precious time, energy and money into a truly meaningful and quality activities benefical to the overall development and health of their child - or only into attractive, modern and at first glance, good looking, affordable activities near their residence under the direction of nice and kind organizers, although in the end it leads to overloading congestion or restriction of child development, and are linked to improper activities in undesirable or pathological manifestations of the child, or even to diversion from quality up to retardation (delay) of the child´s whole development.

Due to the fact and expert opinion that the firts years of a child´s life are considered the most delicate and at the same time the most important period in a person´s life in which the child is undergoing the most stormy development, has become an urgent need for the establishment of such organization that would on the one hand encourage the expansion, quality and level of organization of the above activities, but at the same time protect and guard the interests and rights of children, parents and organizers.

In order to obtain and then maintain the trust of professionals and parents is very important to do everything possible to create a supportive educational and control system, and then to create the national list of organizations in various locations, which operate at a high proffesional level according to the rights, needs and psychomotor maturity of the child, respect the copyright of the author methodology, its recommended procedures, the organization of courses and lessons, hygiene, safety measures, laws and legislation, which will be marked with agreed quality mark CAIPA.


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