Mag.a Marion Falzeder Austria

4.10.2014, 11.30 a.m. – 12.00 a.m.

Meaning of the diving children till the age of 3, since when, how gradually and which way do you use to teach your children to dive.

Goal of lecture

Soft and respectful way to show the children how to deal with the underwater world.

Content of lecture

Short films show the method and the steps of diving method. How to escort the children and their parents respectfully and attentively so that they become enable to develop openness and trust in and under water.


Master degree of Sociology, Practitioner Cranio-Sacral, Swim trainer

Company and working position

Austrian Babyswim Association - Chairwoman of ABA

Nessie-Verein Wasserspaß - Director

Brief curriculum – professional life

Master degree in Sociology.

Founding of the swim school Nessie-Verein Wasserspaß in 2000.

Swim trainer since 1997.

Member and trainer of Austrian Babyswim Association (ABA) since 2000.

Chairwoman of ABA since 2011.

Cranio-sacral practitioner.

Trainer for Somatic experiencing in education (method for resolving trauma).

Results of work

She founded the swim school Nessie-Verein Wasserspaß, it’s a NGO. In this case we had several articles about our courses in newspapers, websites and so on. For my school I offer about 150 courses, I am in the water about 15-20 lessons per week.

Since 2000 I am member of the ABA trainings team, since 2011 also the chairwoman of the ABA. The ABA also had several articles in magazines. The ABA offers education trainings twice a year.

Interests and hobbies

Her hobbies are reading, travelling, good diners...

Her resources are in her family and her friends - She likes to stay with them, goes to the cinema or a nice comedy. She likes to be in the nature and in the water.