Beatriz Esesarte Mexico

4.10.2014, 3.00 p.m. – 3.30 p.m.

The role of an instructor and parents of infants and toddlers swimming teaching

Goal of lecture

Swimming lessons in Mexico,

The role of the instructor interacting with parents for best results in the guarantee of baby learning to swim process...

Content of lecture

  • The instructor as a:
    Cultural transmitter and facilitator of the learning to swim process
    Respectful mediator between the Mother/child and the aquatic context
    Guarantor of the learning process through observation and intervention
    Promotor of the philogenetic competences between mother and child
    Knowledge Transmitter to parents groups
    User of pedagogic tools in the learning process
    Monitor of the mother and babies skills.
  • The role of parents:
    Mother as the main transmitter of phylogenetic heritage
    Ontological and sociological development protector
    The role of the father
    From total dependency to total autonomy
    Aware of her own participation in the process
    Open and confident attitude


Career Pedagogy. Postgrade Psychomotricity.

Company and working position

Acuarela, Educación Acuasomática - General Director

Brief curriculum – professional life

Beatriz is from Oaxaca Mexico. 1962

She is Pedagogue specialized in Aquatic Psychomotricity for all ages.

She is founder of Acuarela, Educación Acuasomática, 26 years ago,

pioneer in Mexico of the psychomotor foundations of the process of learning to swim,

President of the Organizing Committee of the “IV World Congress of Baby Aquatic Education” (23 countries, 450 participants),

Speaker in a number of congresses both nationally and internationally,

Co-authored the book “Baby Swimming: An Affective Approach Proposal”,

Advocate for responsible application of pedagogy in the learning to swim proceses of all ages,

Developer of a specialized learning to swim pool for different age groups and physical conditions, adapting the architecture of the pool to human evolution.

Recipient of the Virginia Hunt Newman Award 2013 from the World Aquatic Babies Congress (WABC- International Swimming Hall of Fame),

Developer of the “Acuasomatic Education”, a new educational trend on the learning to swim field based on the theory of evolution of human movement proposed by Vitor da Fonseca,

Member of the Board of Directors of the One World Education Congress.

Results of work

Beatriz started their school with 26 students per week, now they have more than 3000 per week! She feels proud to lead a group of committed workers and developing a new school to start to franchise Acuarela swim school.

She has developed a learning to swim pool and the results of adapting the pool to human needs for the people who doesn't know how to swim have been fantastic… babies, beginners, elderly, handicapped they all have a chance to enjoy water in a safe and pleasant way.

She founds in the Psychomotor theory the possibility of develop our own pedagogy that she has called Aquasomatic Education mainly leading the teaching to adapt the context in such a way that the body itself can explore the water and adapt to it in a natural way, taking advantage of the architecture of the pool and teaching processes.

Interests and hobbies

She is the 4th of 7 brothers and sisters in her family and she has a lot of cousins, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces and she enjoys a lot to be with them!… She loves to travel and meet people, committed with her society. She is a part of an Community Association to help to improve their neighborhood, loves to study and also be with her friends, they are a treasure in her life.

She loves to write, meditate, in this moment she is in charge to take care of her two parents that are old and need a lot of help, and she loves to have the chance to give them back a bit of all what she received from them.