S. Rossi Madormo Brazil

5.10.2014, 11.00 a.m. - 11.30 a.m.

Swimming and the global development of children

Goal of lecture

To show the way of teaching babies and children utilizing psychomotoricity, as base of this methodology. Conducting classes in gentle, caring and happy way to give children the opportunity to learn to love water and develop their capabilities in safer way.

Content of lecture

Classes for babies and children – Theorethical basis of methodology, the level division, exercises for each phase, safety procedures. The content will be showed with vídeo and photos support.


Graduate in Physical Education and Pos Graduate in Psychomotricity

Company and working position

Academia Via Esporte (and) INATI – Instituto de Natação Infantil - Technical Director

Brief curriculum – professional life

Graduation in Physical Education and Pos graduation in Psichomotricity, Certificated on swimming for babies and children by USSSA, Certificated in Psichomotricity by Université D´Éte Paris, FMU University teacher of swimming for babies and toddlers, National and international speaker on swimming for babies and toddlers, Owner and Technical Director of Academia Via Esporte and INATI - Instituto de Natação Infantil, Technical Director of Brazilian Congress of Swimming for Babies and Children.

Results of work

Sandra and Rafaele created the INATI – Instituto de Natação Infantil to help develop the brazilian market. Through INATI they implemented some projects: organize The World´s Largest Swimimg Lesson in Brazil, created the Brazilian National Water Safety Month, Created the Brazilian Congress of Swimming for Babies and Children, created the ABPNI (Brazilian Academy of Infant Swimming Professionals). The ABPNI, that is part of INATI, with their 16 members, created important documents as guidelines to the market as: Rights of child and parents or guardians in the aquatic environment, General Safety Notes in pool, Competition in infant swimming. Rafaele and Sandra translated to portuguese and released the book Movement: The Key to Early Learning of Lana Whitehead (USA). INATI was a minor investor in the Griffith University Study, from Australia, called Early Years Swimming Research and translated it to portuguese to be downloaded for free.

Interests and hobbies

Love to swim. Was a swimmer in the youth. Is always looking for new ways to engage the students in classes in and out of water. Is passionate to study the children development and how to utilize this knowledge to improve her classes and through it give more possibilities for children to develop better their potential.