Hugo Lavalle Italy

4.10.2014 2.00 p.m. – 2.30 p.m.

Working methods with children in Italian school in their early childhood, including work with handicapped children.

Goal of lecture:

  • Family participation is essential in the learning process of children, without placing limits on their age.
  • Learning is an individual matter and, as such, is related to the different ways of being of children.
  • The lesson plans should not be tied to rigid patterns, determined by the age of the children, but rather to the initiative and to the character of each child.
  • The inclusion of children with disabilities in classroom groups, when possible, should be a constant goal of each school.

Contend of lecture:

  • Learning and family
    Enhancement of family resources
    Didactic: respect and personalization
    Enhancement of initiatives in every aspect of evolution
    Integration and inclusion of children with disabilities


Fisical Education (Instituto Nacional de Educaciòn Fisica Enrique Romero Brest, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Fisical Education (Istituto Superiore di Educazione Fisica Torino, Italy)

Další vzdělání

From 1985 to present

He attended training courses in the fisical education environment, particularly in the water activities for baby and early childhood area Degree in Physical Education . ISEF (Higher Institute of Physical Education) - Torino (Italy). Punti 110/110

April 1996

Aquatic Introduction for Bebies.Institute ISEFI. Buenos Aires (Argentina)

December 1987

Professor in Physical Education. INEF “Enrique Romero Brest” Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Brief curriculum – professional life

S.S.D. ACQUARELLA a r.l. - Administrator and Director

Brief curriculum – professional life

Since 2002 to present

Participation as teacher in the following training events in the field of water activities for baby and early childhood:

- Conference ABA (Austrian Baby Swimming Association) Linz (Austria) 1-2-3- Noviembre 2013

- 8 courses organized by F.I.N.- Italian Swimming Federation (ref. Roberto Del Bianco)

- 5 meetings for the presentation of early childhood water activities for disabled children organized by the Chair of Special Pedagogy of the University of Turin, Faculty of Pedagogy (ref. Prof. Cecilia Marchisio)

- 3 meetings for the presentation of water activities for baby and early childhood early childhood for teachers of Turin organized by Istituto Flora (ref. Prof. Bronzino).

- 2 meetings for the presentation of water activities for baby and early childhood organized by Istituto “Maria Mazzarello” of Turin.

- one meeting for the presentation of water activities for autistic children organized by ANGSA (Parents of autistic children Association)- Turin.

From December 1984 to November 1989

He worked in various schools, gardens, swimming pools, gyms, country clubs of Buenos Aires and surrounding areas in the field of physical education, recreation, teaching swimming throughout the evolutionary arc, especially with children garden and disabled children.

Since 1994 to present

Organization of classes of water activities for children in Turin.

In May 1998

He founded ACQUARELLA, water activities school for baby and early childhood.

Since 2002 to present,

Acquarella organizes seminars and the “Congress for baby and early childhood water activities” which counts 3 editions.

Results of work

He is columnist in the sector, organize training courses for operators and the Congress for baby and early childhood water activities in Italy.

Interests and hobbies

Physical activity in general and in the nature: walking, swimming, rowing, snowshoeing, reading, playing music.