Carlos Santos, MSc. Portugal

4.10.2014, 9.00 a.m. - 9.30 a.m.

Baby breath control development

Goal of lecture

In 2006 we have created the Baby Breathing Control Assessment tool and the Baby Underwater Orientation Assessment tool. Both tools permitted to know when the baby is able to comfortably spent long periods of time underwater and when and how his/her underwater competence are built. The aim of this lecture is to present the assessment tool and how that could be helpful to all of those who work with babies in the aquatic environment.

Content of lecture

  • Understand the importance of the baby’s assessment
  • Identify the different categories of the Aquatic Breathing Control Motor Scale
  • Understand the long breathing pause as a determinant milestone


Degree in Sports Science, Master Degree in Physical Education PhD student at Faculty of Human Kinetics (Lisbon University).

Company and working position

Lusofona University of Humanities and Technologies in Lisbon - Assistant Teacher

Brief curriculum – professional life

Swimming Teacher since 1995 (all ages)

Large experience as manager of Swimming Schools (since 1996)

University Teacher since 2004 – teaching swimming; teaching aquatic education for babies

Pedagogical Director of the Post-Graduation in Aquatic Activities (Lusofona University) since 2008.

Trainer of the year 2013 by Manz (the fitness&wellness training leader enterprise in Portugal)

International presenter in different babyswimming conferences

Results of work

Co-author of the book "Baby Aquatic Education - the program" (only in Portuguese) – this book talks about and all the scientific and empiric knowledge were the method is grounded.

Author and co-author of different papers published mostly in Portuguese about the aquatic competence.

Co-author of papers published in International Journals:

Cordovil, R; Santos, C; Barreiros, J. Perceiving children’s behavior and reaching limits in a risk environment. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, v. 111, n. 2, p. 319-330, 2011.

Cordovil, R; Barreiros, J; Santos, C; Carita, A. Parent's perception and children's behaviour while trying to retrieve a toy from the swimming pool. Injury Prevention , n. 16, p. 51-51, 2010.

Interests and hobbies

Master waterpolo player